Thursday, June 25, 2015

Summer accessories - a new summer purse and sandals

Every Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer I buy myself a couple of key basics.  I usually buy a new pair of shoes - in winter it's usually a pair of boots, booties, or pumps, and in summer it is usually a pair of sandals.  And I often buy a new purse.  Sometimes I'll use the same purse for a few winters in a row or a few summers in a row, but rarely longer than that, as styles and my lifestyle slowly evolve, and as I wear the purses out!

I think Rebecca Minkoff is officially a new favorite for these seasonal basics.  My winter purse - that black one with the zippers - is Rebecca Minkoff.  And both my new summer sandals and my new summer purse are Rebecca Minkoff.  Her stuff is that perfect in-between in terms of quality and price - nice design and good quality, but not high-end designer so a little more reasonably priced.  Her purses are obviously inspired by Chanel, but they aren't straight-up copies, and tend to have a little more edge to them.  One thing to know - her stuff almost always goes on sale.  So if you like her stuff too, but don't want to pay full price, just watch for sales, check places like Nordstrom Rack and Saks Off Fifth, etc.  Between those 3 items, the most I paid was 60% of full price. 
I'm super excited about this purse for a couple reasons: The quilted white leather is super nice looking, the studs add a nice little hard/interesting touch, and the strap is super-easily adjustable to be either a short or long strap - so I can wear the purse multiple ways.  I've been looking for a good white leather purse for almost a decade!  I think I finally found one.  Now I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that I can keep it reasonably nice looking.  :)

(Dress: Hand-me-down from that friend, purse: Rebecca Minkoff from, Shoes: Rebecca Minkoff from Saks Off Fifth.)

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