Monday, June 8, 2015

New shirt, new shoes, old outfit - but better

Navy pinstripe suit, white shirt, red accessories - it's a classic.  But I've been wearing my navy suit so much, and my navy boot-cut pants, that I finally started wanting a pair of navy shoes.  Despite my fairly extensive shoe collection, I have never owned a pair of navy shoes!  I pair all sorts of other colors with navy - black, brown, burgundy, grey, red - and they all work, but they all distract a little and break up the leg line.  But there's something a little grandmothery about most navy shoes to me.  So when I happened upon these on the White House Black Market website, I could hardly believe it - they were stunning!  Super skinny heel, pointed toe, and such an interesting finish - they are a little shimmery and purple-y iridescent under that classic patent finish.  They look like designer shoes, but at a fraction of the price.  But they were only left in a size 11!  So I basically stalked the website for a few weeks, and the moment a size 8.5 was returned, I pounced.

They are just as gorgeous as I had hoped, but it turns out my heel slips out of them like crazy!  They look like designer shoes, but they don't fit like them.  Unfortunately I only figured this out when I got to work today.  So I've basically spent the whole day doing that annoying toe-curling-to-keep-shoes-on thing.  Not good.  Tomorrow I will add a pair of heel grips, and hopefully they will be ready for me next time. 

The blouse is new too.  I'm hoping to get a lot of use out of it.  I don't think anyone can go wrong with another white blouse or button-down, as long as it fits reasonably well. I like that this one is still simple/basic white, but has some nice details.  (As WHBM tends to do.)

(Suit: j-crew, shoes and blouse: white house black market, cami: spanx from Nordstrom, Necklace and belt: old and don't remember where I got them)

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