Monday, June 22, 2015

Matching shoes and shirt

It's the first day of Summer!!!  Well, from a school perspective it is - I am done with Spring quarter grading, and I am NOT teaching nights.  Woo-hoo!!!  That means I am back to my standard up-at-5 routine, and while it's going to take a tiny bit of re-adjusting, I'm excited about that.

It also means I can pull out the summer work clothes.  To be fair, since my workplace has no dress code whatsoever, I could wear any of this any time of year.  But to me, summer is a time for more skirts and dresses, more flats and wedges, more cropped pants, and more short sleeves, and maybe even (gasp) a sleevless top or two, with a cardigan just in case I get the urge to cover up.  

So on my first day of Summer clothing, I pulled out this fun blouse.  I love the color - it is a super vibrant rich green.  The color shows best, as usual, in the close-up.  And, I happen to have a pair of shoes in the same green.  Hence the title of this post.

I realize that it's a little cliche to match shoes and shirt.  It also makes me look shorter - a pair of black heels would have been quite leg-lengthening with this outfit.  But I love it anyway!  I just can't resist every once in a while.  

I kept my accessories simple, as I often do.  I just wore a small pair of dangly black earrings and my watch and rings.  The neck-tie on this blouse, plus the color itself, are my main accessories.  

What do you think of matching shoes and shirt?  Cute, cliche, or just too stumpifying? 

(Top: New York and Company, Pants: White house black market, Shoes: Bandolino from DSW)

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  1. yay for summer "break"... break from students!

    You look very nice, and less formal than you usually do!