Monday, June 1, 2015

21 Day Fix Extreme

A picture is worth a thousand words?  Well, here it is:


Those were my results in just 21 days!  In 3 weeks, I lost at least an inch in my waist, I lost inches in my arms, hips and thighs, I lost 2 pounds, and I am stronger and more fit than I have been in years.  (I know for some 2 pounds doesn't sound like much - but keep in mind I'm close to (at? past?) the point where I should stop losing pounds, so toning up is more my goal.)

If you followed my old blog, you know that I went through years of exploring the world of fitness.  I had a trainer for a couple years who designed fabulous workouts for me.  But despite all that, I have never had abs like these.

So, what did I do?
The specific program is called 21 Day Fix Extreme, but I think there are 3 key elements:

I joined an online "Challenge Group" which I checked into daily. It was great for accountability, support, and inspiration.

The program has a daily workout for each day of the week, and each workout is a very focused 30 minutes.  The workouts are short enough that there's no excuse - I can squeeze them in.  But they are effective.  
21 day fix *extreme* does have pretty intense workouts, so it's best for someone who is already in decent shape and is used to working out.  For someone who is starting off, the same trainer designed 21 day fix.  That would be a perfect program to start off with - same basic structure, but less "extreme" workouts.

This part was amazing for me - there is a super simple nutrition plan associated with the program.  It uses colored tupperwares.  I was supposed to eat 3 "green" tupperwares of veggies, 4 "red" of protein, 2 "yellow" of carbs, etc., per day.  It was so easy to follow, and it was an incredibly healthy way to eat.  I learned that I wasn't eating enough before!!  So these results are partly due to my eating *more,* but in particular eating more of the right things.

I loved this program so much that I did something a little crazy for me - I just signed up to be a Beachbody coach!!!  So if you want to learn more about this program, or others from Beachbody, let me know.  You can check out my beachbody site, WowFitness, here:, or at

I'm going to start my own challenge group in a week or two!! If you're interested in joining let me know!  (No beachbody purchase neccessary!)  It will be on facebook, and will go for 3 weeks.  If you want to push yourself to eat healthier and exercise more for 3 weeks, join!

And if you're interested in this particular program, it turns out that beachbody put 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme as their monthly special for June!!  So there's a great discount on the program right now!  I honestly thought they would never put 21 day fix on special because it is such a hot-selling program anyway.  But I guess I was wrong!  I'm super excited about that for anyone who doesn't have it yet, because I honestly think it's an amazing program.  Obviously I thought it would be good or I wouldn't have bought it.  But after doing it - it's way better than I could ever have imagined.  I mean seriously - look at those pictures again - THREE WEEKS!


EDIT: Here are a few convenient links if you want to try the program that I used.
Free team beachbody membership: gives you access to their super useful webpage, message boards with expert answers, etc. You can also sign up for a free trial of the premium/club membership, which gives you access to streaming workouts if you want to try a few out before you buy.
21 Day Fix Challenge Pack: Workouts, nutrition plan with color-coded containers, plus the Beachbody "meal replacement dense nutrition" drink Shakeology - I think of it as sort-of a super-awesome protein shake plus - really good for post-workout recovery. (extra discount this month)
21 Day Fix Extreme Challenge Pack: Similar to the 21 Day Fix, but with more extreme workouts - this is the one I did.  Includes workouts, nutrition plan with color-coded containers, plus the Beachbody "meal replacement dense nutrition" drink Shakeology - I think of it as sort-of a super-awesome protein shake plus - really good for post-workout recovery. (extra discount this month)

The sale is extended through July!  Here are the links:
 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack
 21 Day Fix Extreme Challenge Pack

Also, here are two more posts I wrote after this one which are related:

About the eating plan: The "container" approach to diet/nutrition

Also relevant - shakeology is super discounted the first month when you buy a challenge pack, so you might as well try it.  BUT, it becomes expensive after that.  So for the decision of whether to continue after the first month, here's my take:   Shakeology or other protein shakes - worth it?


  1. I just edited to add a few direct links. :)

    1. The discounts should show by the end of the day June 1st - each of those challenge packs is $140. That gives you 8 half-hour workouts plus a bonus 10-minute-ab workout, the workout and nutrition guides, the containers, and a month's supply of the protein shake plus.

      You can get it without the protein shake too - let me know if that's what you want and I can find the links. That's actually what I started with, but now I got a Challenge Pack - it's the best deal if you're even remotely interested in trying the shake.