Friday, August 15, 2014

Workout wear

Every once in a while I drop the kids off at daycare/preschool in my workout wear.  (I did it much more often during that two months that I actually worked out regularly.)  After all the bad press they've gotten in the last year, I didn't even look at Lululemon.  I did check out Nike, which is supposed to have some of the best "technology" for workout wear.  I wasn't super impressed.  I think it makes a bigger difference for someone doing endurance sports like long-distance running.  I ended up getting some cute cropped workout pants from Target!  Yay Champion brand.  Honestly - the fabric feels pretty much the same as the Nike stuff to me, and it was much less expensive.  Plus Champion has better styles for those of us who are not yet in shape (strategic leg-slimming color blocking, anyone?).  I should probably get some new workout tops, but for now I'm making do with my old stuff.

(Pants: Champion from Target, Tank: super-old no-name brand, Hoodie: Gap, Flip-flops: Kalso Earth from

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