Saturday, August 30, 2014

Visiting SF

It's surprisingly hard to get photos while traveling with the family.  But I got these two of my dinner outfit last night.

(Dress: Herve leger, sweater: White House black market, purse: Rebecca minkoff, cuff: custom!, boots: Kenneth Cole reaction)


  1. hi! yay you got to wear a HL dress! It looks really good on you. It's so dramatic, I feel like you shouldn't be smiling in the first picture. You should be looking, like, smug or like you are going to kick someone's butt. In a James Bond way. I really like it with the sweater too.

    I'm so sad I didn't see you when you were up here! I didn't realize our first family vacation in 3 years was over labor day!!

  2. You're right! I totally shouldn't be smiling in that pic. I have to work on my blog photo posing skills. :)

    I'll see you soon! But yes, it would have been fun.