Sunday, August 31, 2014

Walking by the Bay

We all (hubby, kiddos and inlaws) went for a walk, and watched planes take off and land at SFO.  I hadn't packed exactly for something like that, but I made do.  I know I look a little dorky.  But it's not *too* bad, right?  

(Sweater: trouvé, from nordstroms, jeans: target, shoes: puma, sunglasses; Kate spade also from nordstroms)


  1. Honestly, I saw this and thought "oh, so this is what must be in style since devin is wearing it!" so I think you just own whatever you put on :)

  2. Haha. Well, that's nice to hear. The individual pieces are pretty good - coated skinny jeans, and a great light-weight sweater, and my pumas are better looking than true work-out-quality sneakers. I just think that *everyone* looks dorky when they go for strolls like this, now that skinny jeans are in. If I wear skinny jeans (or anyone does), it looks odd with the sneakers. But if I wear boot-cut jeans (or anyone does), it looks dated. Meh.

    The outfit would have been a little better with a zip-up hoodie or a boxy sweatshirt - the more casual top would have matched the casualness of the sneakers better. But I hadn't packed one.