Friday, August 22, 2014

Black and white and red all over

I clearly need to get better lighting for my full-body shots.  They keep turning out washed out or blurry.  But you get the general idea.  The print on the skirt is actually quite crisp.  And the top has a great asymmetrical cowl neck which doesn't show in these pics.  I love the cut of this skirt. The hemline and little inset bit are genius.  I really like black and white with red accents, in case you hadn't noticed yet.  :)

(Top: New york and company, Shoes: Target, Skirt: Sunhee Moon, Necklace: Random little shop in Boston)


  1. I never commented here. I really like the necklace and shoes. I especially like when you post where things are from (as you do) because it really gives me good shopping ideas!!!

  2. also: is the top a sweater? or a blouse?

  3. I'm glad you told me! I will make sure to post stores as often as I can, and not just brands.

    This top is a knit, like a t-shirt fabric but a little nicer.