Tuesday, September 9, 2014


I don't have an outfit pic to share today.  I wore jeans, a purple-and-white hankerchief hem t-shirt and yellow ballet flats to drop the kids off, but forgot to take a pic.What I do have is a picture of how I spent a couple hours this afternoon - shoe and watch maintenance!  I went to the cobbler to have a few pairs fixed up, but polished one pair myself (with my newly purchased patent polish), and put sole-protectors, heel grips, and ball-of-foot pads onto another pair.  I also went to a watch shop to have the batteries on two of my watches fixed, but then polished one of them up myself back at home (with my all-purpose metal polish).  I really should do this type of maintenance more often, and I'm trying to now that I have higher-quality items.  But as it is, I'm lazy.  It usually takes me 6 months to go drop a suit off at the dry cleaners.

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