Wednesday, September 3, 2014

An Amber Necklace

I like these pants, and I enjoy combining the green with brown and cream.  But I think the real star of this outfit is my necklace.  I made this myself and am pretty proud of it.  I do a very fine wire wrap, as attested to by one of my jewelry-making colleagues (yes, other professors make jewelry for fun too), and these are by far the most amazing beads I have ever purchased.  I bought them in post-Soviet Russia over 20 years ago.

(Pants: express, top: banana republic, shoes: bakers (one of those mall shoe stores), necklace: hand made from gold fill and vintage Russian Amber)


  1. Yes, it's a sweater. About 50% silk, 50% various synthetic fibers. I used to love cashmere in Boston, but it's too warm for here. Now I love silk. (And synthetics are nice and inexpensive but I find that they don't last as long, so they are good for more trendy items.)