Saturday, September 6, 2014

A 1st bday party

I bought a couple of the White House Black Market "bustier" tops last fall thinking that they would be good for date nights.  I never wore them in that way, but when summer rolled around I realized they were super cute with white shorts for day time.  I even ended up buying one more - this one - with that in mind.  I love how this top uses super-traditional, kind of old-lady-ish, tweed elements like the gold chain and the ribbon trim, but in a cute little top.

Also, the party today was so fun!  It was one of Nadia's day-care friends' 1st b-days.  She had *so* much fun.  I loved that it was really taking her to a party with her friends, and not just a grownup party or David-age-group party. 

(Top: White house black market, shorts: j-crew, sandals: my ol' reliables)

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