Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Summer work conference - excercise

If fitness is important to you, then it's important to maintain it while traveling.  I was in the middle of marathon training at this point, and a full week conference is a long time.  I brought some running shorts, tanks, sports bras, and a good pair of running shoes, so that I could work out in the hotel gym and/or run outside.  Even if I wasn't in the middle of training I probably would have brought this stuff - running is a great way to see a city.  It turned out to be a great way to see some of New York.  And, at some conferences, running can be a great way to network.  It didn't quite turn out like that here, but I did join the conference-associated running group a couple mornings.  While it wasn't amazing networking, it was really fun, and it was energizing before the long conference days. 

The shorts in the pocket and the flask I'm carrying are important for city runs in a new place - where I can't rely on water fountains and where I'd want to have my phone and a map with me.

If you are staying at or near the conference hotels, you also have to make sure that your workout gear is something you're comfortable with others seeing you in.  Sure enough, someone commented later in the day on Tuesday that they had seen me in the gym - and complimented me on my tricep extensions.  LOL.  These shorts are long enough, and the tank loose enough, that I feel comfortable, but they are still practical for the summer heat.  If I had anything more in the chest area, I may have gone for a higher-cut sports bra or tank, but given there's basically nothing there, I don't get self conscious about that.

(Shorts: Lululemon, tank: old navy, sports bra: Champion for Target, running shoes: from a local running shop - always go to a good local running shop to get fitted for the right shoes for you!, hand flask: Nathan (amazing design which make the hand flask feel really light and makes it so easy to carry) purchased through Amazon)

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