Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Summer conference day 2: blazerless

I've obviously fallen way behind, but I'm going to start where I left off and play catch-up.  This was my outfit on the second day of my New York/Philadelphia conference trip.  This is a dress, though it looks like 2 pieces.  What I like about this dress and outfit is that I can go blazerless and still look put together.  I had discovered on day 1 of the conference that the rooms were warm enough that I'd be more comfortable without the blazer.  And if I'm not going to wear it, it's easier to just not carry it around with me.  This dress also satisfies the criterion of being striking enough that people will notice me - so I don't have to put as much effort into identifying people I know - they'll see me first.  

I knew the shoes were not going to be incredibly comfortable.  This was my first full day wearing them - they need to be broken in.  So I carried my black jelly flats in my bag just in case.  I ended up using them when I left the conference at lunch-time on my own.  They definitely came in handy, and with that little break, my feet made it through the whole day just fine.  

I also captured how high I wear my name tag - again, so it's easy for people to see my name tag when they're looking at me.  That will help them to see my name and affiliation, associate it with me, and remember me.  It's a bit awkward looking down at someone's waist, or worse yet their chest, to check their name tag.

On to post the day 3 outfit!  :)

(Dress and earrings: white house black market, last year.  Pumps: Tory Burch, on sale - I've learned her stuff almost always goes on sale but sells out *super* fast once it does, so if you like Tory Burch stuff put yourself on the email list to be notified when sales start, and then act fast!  Flats: black jelly flats from Mox.)

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