Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Summer conference day 4: A train ride

Day 4 included checking out of my New York hotel, taking a train to Philadelphia with my luggage, checking in to the Philadelphia hotel if I had time but possibly not having time and possibly not having a room ready even if I did, and then going to the Philadelphia conference.  So I needed clothes that could be comfy and professional.

This is how I played it:
I wore the tan cropped pants and the magenta top.  But for the train ride I wore them with my cozy athliesure jacket and black jellies.  At the very top of my suitcase was my black blazer and a pair of heels, which I could easily pull out and change into in the hotel lobby or at the Philly train station.  It totally worked!  I only took pics of the conference version, but you can imagine how practical the train version was for travel.  The comfy outfit really came in handy with all the fast walking I had to do around the hot train stations - especially when our first train had issues and we had to switch to a second one. 

(Pants, top, blazer: White house black market. Not shown jacket: Athleta, shoes: Mox.  Shoes shown: super old from Macy's.)

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