Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Summer conference day 5: Wow it is hot

Philly was over 100 degrees and extremely humid while I was there.  This dress is one I feel comfortable in without the blazer if necessary, even though it's sleeveless.  I ended up wearing the blazer when we were inside because air conditioning was strong enough, but it was nice to be able to go sleeveless in the heat outside. 

I also love this dress because it is cut like a perfectly prim and proper work sheath, yet it is made from a denim fabric. There's just something so subtle and cool about that. 

The name tag at this conference was clip on instead of ribbon, so I could wear a necklace and still have my name tag nice and high. 

(Dress and blazer: White house black market. Pumps: Tory Burch. Cami: Spanx, purchased at Nordstrom - I know I don't really need to be held in, especially with this magically flattering dress, but the spanx tanks just stay in place so well, and are nice and thin and slick so clothing doesn't stick to them.)

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