Friday, May 8, 2015

Yellow raincoat

I got a new yellow raincoat recently.  I've wanted a yellow single-breasted trench-like but shorter coat for so long.  And I happened upon one on sale on the Nordstrom website.  The reviews complained of too-slim too-long sleeves, so I snapped it up.  And sure enough, it fit me perfectly.  But this is Southern California, so I assumed I'd have to wait 6 months or so before wearing it.  And then it rained today!  So this is what I actually wore to Muffins with Mom.  (There's a cute simple black sweater underneath.)

I really need to find replacements for these boots.  They are a synthetic material, and the coating on them is starting to peel off.  But I haven't found a comfortable replacement yet, so I keep wearing them.  They look okay as long as no one looks closely. 

(Coat: Via Spiga from Nordstroms, still on sale and available in petite (shorter arms?) and other colors, jeans: Frame Forever Karlies, Boots: Kenneth Cole, Sweater peaking out: Mango, Purse: Rebecca Minkoff Mini 5-zip from Nordstroms (these often appear at a discount at Nordstrom Rack - I really love Rebecca Minkoff purses right now for their nice blend of quality, design, and practicality.  I just ordered another Rebecca Minkoff purse to be my new summer purse))

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