Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Heels or flats

I would say that overall my sister-in-law is just great at looking sexy on a daily basis.  And, well, I'd kind of like to look sexy too.  So I experimented with another one of her style themes - wearing crazy-high heels for daytime.  Above is the outfit I put together.  It worked.  The light colors, cropped distressed jeans, and flowy top kept it day-time enough, and the heels would totally work for daytime in Orange County or LA.  But at the same time, I just felt silly.  I can do a medium chunky heel or wedge for daytime, but skinny super-high heels?  I just couldn't do it.  Maybe I'll work my way up to it.  Below is what I ended up wearing.  :)   

(Top: White house black market - yes, I've been buying a *lot* of stuff there! Free shipping plus easy returns...  Jeans: old navy with additional distressing by me, Silver heels: White house black market, Silver flats: Walmart (I've been wearing these *so* much!  I even looked for a higher-end version and couldn't find anything that looked as good!  I stuck 10$ arch supports in so that they provide *some* support, and now I think I need to look for a couple more pairs to buy because I'm sure they will wear out fast.  But hey, if the most stylish silver flats I can find are from Walmart, I'll go with it!), Purse: Franco Sarto from Amazon)

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