Monday, May 16, 2016

Culottes for summer

Culottes are undeniably comfortable. And are very much on trend. So the question is  whether they can actually look good on a normal woman in a normal setting. 

The current blogger fasion trend is generally to pair high-waisted culottes with a slightly cropped top to allow a couple of inches of stomach to show. I would not consider that a normal-setting outfit. This version created a similar proportion with the boxy tucked-in top, but is still work- church- or family-function friendly. 

I think culottes look best on long torsos or on women who look good in a-line skirts. I'm neither of those, but I think I can pull them off anyway. Hubby even liked them, complimenting me this morning, which took me by surprise. Also, if you're at all self conscious about your thighs - culottes will camouflage them completely. 

(Top: jcrew factory, culottes: White House black market, shoes: Payless shoe source)

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