Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Another new pair of comfy work shoes

Near the beginning of summer last year, I went to Payless Shoe Source to get a cheap pair of quasi-disposable sandals or flip-flops.  I happened upon a pair of nude fake-suede wedge pumps with a 2-2.5" heel.  I like the idea of a comfortable neutral summer-friendly shoe, and they were super cheap, so I bought them.
As my running has ramped up, I've found myself going to that pair of shoes more and more often.  The low wedge heel is comfortable, but the shoes look so much better with dresses, pencil skirts, and ankle pants, than flats do.  So I decided to get more!  After searching for comfortable practical but cute shoes at various other stores for a few months, and staring at the pair of low-heeled Ferragamo's that I bought in the fall and haven't worn once, I made another trip to Payless Shoe Source.  And sure enough, I found two pairs.  Plus a bonus pair of flats.  Not only are these comfortable so far (on day 1 - I can't imagine how much better they'll be once they break in) - but they were on clearance for $10!  The burgundy fake-patent pair I wore last week for my birthday are a little taller and a little less comfy, but still much better than most of my skinny-4"-heels.  And they were also on clearance for $10. 
The nude ones I've had for over a year are "deflex comfort" brand, as are these black ones.  The burgundy ones were different, but also nicely padded on the inside.  Payless shoe sources' heels are awful.  I tried a few on just for fun while I was there, and they are not well balanced, forcing the wearer to use their own muscles to do all the balancing.  But the chunky heels and wedges were pretty impressive.  The flats have no support whatsoever, and seem like they will wear out quickly, but for running quick errands, I think they'll be great.
SO, if you were curious about payless shoe source, this is my impression.  I've been incredibly impressed by how well those nude wedges have lasted, and I liked them so much that I ended up going back to buy these additional pairs.  That says a lot.
Oh, and you know Christian Siriano from project runway?  He has a Payless shoe source line!  SO CUTE!  The shoes are way too expensive at full price, given that they are still payless shoe source quality (but amazing design).  But on sale or clearance, they're really reasonable.  The flats I bought are from his line.  I'll wear them soon and post pics.  :)
(Sweater and pants: White house black market, Shoes: Payless shoe source.)

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