Thursday, January 21, 2016

Suit alternative

Given my shortage of suits that fit me, I'll be doing more blazer outfits this quarter. I love how this one turned out. Sorry for the poor photos. 

The soft drapey blazer was extremely comfortable - I even left it on while teaching, which I rarely do. And the color combination worked perfectly. The blazer is a nice rich blue, lighter than navy, with the blue and white striped shirt and the grey boot cut pants - it worked!  I always find it to be a little more work to put together a blazer outfit - but sometimes it's worth it. :)

These types of blazers are really in right now. A lot of times they are paired with crop pants. I wouldn't advise that. Both the blazer and the crop pants are shortening. I was a lot happier with this pairing since the pants are lengthening and provide some balance to the cropped boxy flowy jacket.  


  1. This is a collarless blazer? Where's it from?

  2. This is a collarless blazer? Where's it from?

  3. It is! It's from White House Black Market. They have it in black too. I got a size 2, and they go down to 00, so this is also good for smaller women.

    I'm not sure if the link will work, but here's a link to the black:

    And here's a link to the blue (which is actually on sale for $19.99!!!!! It'll probably sell out fast at that price, but they restock with returns so you can check back to see if it comes back in.)

    They usually have coupons for free shipping and/or $20 off $80 online too, so take a quick look if you decide to order.