Saturday, January 30, 2016

Let's keep them awake Saturday morning!

I'm teaching a 3 1/2 hour class Saturday mornings this quarter. I decided a little bit of bright color might help keep the students awake and alert at 8:30 am. :)

This suit is one of the ones I bought when heavier, but I bought the pants in two sizes anticipating the weight loss. The smaller size pants fit perfectly now, and I just take my jacket off while teaching so it isn't too obvious that it's big. I'm a big believer in buying two pairs of pants for classic suits, even if you don't change sizes like I do. The pants always wear out faster than the jackets, and the jackets are the really expensive part. Two pairs of pants allows the overall suit to last much longer.  (Of course I don't do that for really trendy suits, since I don't plan to wear those for a decade like I do with my classics.)

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