Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Office casual

This is a sort of "I'm on sabbatical, pretend I'm not here"/"I'm running 13 miles this week, my feet deserve flats"/"I'm going in to the office so I guess I better still look a *little* professional" outfit.  I'm also having a little fun with these nail decals that a friend of mine was selling.  I'm going with "accent nails" on my left hand so that my right hand still looks nice and professional.  :)  

(Top: Old Navy - looked good but man did it pull easily - way more easily than similar tops I've gotten from other places, tank: Spankx from Nordstroms, Shoes: Macys, Pants and necklace: White house black market - a bit of a cross between normal crops and leggings honestly, but so cute with flats, Nails: blue polish by Revlon, patterned nail decals by Jamberry)

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