Thursday, October 29, 2015

My new Tory Burch flats

This outfit includes two new items - a new sweater, and new shoes.  I think the shoes deserve the title spot in this case.  :) 
My favorite, and most-used, pair of flats are my black Ferragamo flats.  I only bought them because I got a ridiculously good deal on them, but 10 years later they are still going strong, look great, and are very comfortable.  After that experience, I have started to understand the value of high-end shoes.  That said, I am a woman who likes to have a couple hundred pairs of shoes for variety.  I am not going to be buying multi-hundred dollar pairs for each of those.  However, for certain key basics, which I expect to use a lot, paying a little more does seem to make sense.
Enter Tory Burch.  I was always a little turned off by the very visible logos on Tory Burch shoes.  They are a very non-Boston type of thing.  But I live in Orange County now, and no one blinks an eye at logos all over the place.  And her shoes do seem to be very high quality.  My sister-in-law recently bought a very pretty pair of Tory Burch work shoes, and I saw how nice they looked, and how practical they were.  And she mentioned that she's getting compliments on them all the time.  A friend of mine has all sorts of Tory Burch stuff, and again it always looks good, and seems to last.  So, I decided it was worth trying.  And compared to Ferragamos, they seem like a bargain!  They are roughly half the price.
After looking at the Tory website several times, I have also realized that if you are willing to wait, you can probably get them on sale.  Things on sale sell out fast, but even the most basic styles seem to go on sale every once in a while, and less popular colors or styles often go on sale at up to 40% off.  Just in case you're thinking about trying some out but aren't quite willing to pay full price - subscribe to the email list and jump on the sales.  :)  
Tory shoes tend to fit a little wide for me, but this pair is narrower than most and feels made for my foot.  This is just the second time I am wearing them, and the first time I'm wearing them to work and all day, so we'll see how they do.  But so far, I am quite happy with how they look and feel.
(Sweater: Express, Pants and cami: White house black market, Shoes: Tory Burch, bought from the Tory Burch website/store, necklace and earrings: old and I can't remember)

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