Wednesday, October 28, 2015


I did it!  I ran a 10k!  AND, I finished in 57:18!  That's a 9:14 pace.  For 6.2 miles!  I feel so good about it.  And what was really amazing, and still has me high, is how proud my husband and kids were, and how encouraging all of my friends have been! 

And yup, I signed up for the half marathon.

Here are a few pics from the 10k.  We decided to wear our race shirts and all match, which was super fun, but also meant that I wore a different pair of shorts than my usual.  These ones were *super* short!  I can hardly believe I managed to go shorter than last race - but I bought these to normally only wear at home!  So I'd say from a "fashion" standpoint, this wasn't my best race yet.  :)  But from a running standpoint, it certainly was!

Near the start, and gives you a feel for the race:

Around mile 4, and the pack was getting a bit more spread out.  I found myself an emptier patch near the side of the street.  That's the beach path in the background - our entire race was along "PCH", Pacific Coast Highway, with the beach to one side.

Right across the finish line - do I maybe look a little happy and a little tired?

And with my finisher medal!

What an experience!  Wish me luck training for the half marathon!  I've put together a training plan for myself which I'm sure I'll adjust and adapt as I go.  But it follows my basic preferences for:
1. Gradual increases
2. Rest and recovery, either with full rest days or by alternating run days with upper-body/core-focused workouts
3. Variety - especially by including strength training, yoga and pilates-based workouts (using my beachbody videos which I enjoy so much!)

One of my race buddies trained in a very different way - very very intense, with runs 5-6 days a week and a rapid increase in mileage.  And she did amazingly well.  But I'm still reluctant to try it out for myself.  I just suspect that my body wouldn't like the sequential days of running.  But who knows?  Maybe I would get stronger and faster if I train that way.  Maybe after the half I'll give that a try.  :) 

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