Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Summer conference day 1: the red-eye

A red eye flight calls for comfy cozy clothing, but going straight to the conference hotel upon arrival requires professional-appropriate clothing. I wasn't going to the conference itself directly, but there was a high chance of running into people in the lobby. Hence: yoga dress pants, a super soft but modest and slightly dressy t, sports bra rather than normal bra 'cause who can sleep with underwire?, and my new athleta hope jacket - a great travel fabric. The jacket was for mid-flight when the plane gets cold and I need a little something to help me feel cozy and sleep.  

I also wore my new black jelly flats ( which are ridiculously amazing.  They conform to your feet, so they are super comfy.  I had a gold pair I wore all summer, but I bought the black in advance of this trip since they would be more versatile for work travel and fall.  A friend of a friend sells the Mox Shoes and basically they spread through our whole group of friends.  (And no, they're not sweaty like the old jelly shoes of the 80's.)

And yes, the conference was last week.  But I'll post the outfits this week, now that I'm back and life is a *tiny* bit less crazy. 

(Pants and jacket: Athleta, T-shirt: White house black market, Sports bra: Champion for Target, Shoes: Mox)


  1. I want those jelly shoes!!!!

  2. I want those jelly shoes!!!!

  3. OMG, all the colors are amazing. What color should I get?