Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Baby shower wear

I did wear shoes.  :)  I wore black ballet flats - my usual ones.  

I went to a small baby shower this weekend - 5 women, including the hostess and mom-to-be, as well as the dad-to-be.  Most of the women at this shower are shorter than me and wear flats.  I feel odd if I'm too tall, so flats were the obvious choice.  But I did feel quite comfy and casual in the flats, so I might even choose them around taller people some time.  

I have a tendency to overdress, and I avoided it this time.  This dress with flats and tights worked perfectly for a small winter baby shower.  I like the print on this dress, but I don't get too many chances to wear it since it's just a bit too short for work, but a bit too conservative for a date night - my two main dress-wearing opportunities.  

And... it's actually a maternity dress!  Isn't that crazy?  It has *no* extra room for a tummy.  It just perfectly stretched over my 4-month-pregnant tummy for a rehearsal dinner a couple of years ago, and then my tummy out-grew it.  So I knew I had to keep it for post-baby wear.  I only managed to wear it once while pregnant!

(Dress: Pea in the pod, Tights: Target)


  1. very cute. What do you think of this midi trend? I am super against it, but that may be because I am a short person.

  2. Oh, I should do a whole post on that. I love midi-skirts for myself, but they are basically designed for my body type.

    I think shorter women can pull them off nicely too, but with a few "rules" to follow: wear it as close to just-below-the-knee as you can - not mid-calf. Wear heels. And probably high-waist styles (probably with a waist-cinching belt) will be best, since they will be leg-lengthening.

  3. I like this a lot! Does the dress have a belt. Are you using it to define your waste or is it just a decoration? I tend to have problems with dresses with belts because they make me look way too pear shaped.

  4. This dress has a soft fabric belt, but I'm just letting it hang low on my hips. My waist is so high that dresses with belts often make me look too short-waisted - a different problem than yours. I would have expected dresses with belts to work really well for you with your tiny waist. I wonder who they do work well for?!