Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Cropped suits

I always get compliments on this suit.  The slim ankle-length pants are very modern.  The wool is soft and drapes nicely, but still has a little structure to it.  And overall the suit looks very professional, but also in style.  I always try to pair it with largely-neutral accessories to carry the line of the pants down to the ground despite their being cropped.  This helps the suit seem more lengthening, and not too trendy. 

(Suit and belt: J-crew factory - this is one of the ones where I bought the pants in 2 sizes, so now I'm down to the smaller size pants with the same blazer.  Blouse (silk) - White house black market.  Shoes - Me Too (a pretty cheap brand, but the quality on these has been amazing) from Macy's.)

This is the more statement-making cropped pant-suit I own.  The fabric is more unusual given it's pattern and heavier-weight stiffer wool.  The pants are cropped higher.  And there are the elbow patches to add just a little extra statement.  I think I always pair this suit with a black blouse and black pumps - never anything else.  The suit is such a statement by itself, that I let it carry the outfit.  I think a white button-down might work too, but I haven't tried it yet.  (And I have enough different black tops and black shoes that I haven't actually repeated a pairing yet!)

A suit like this is a little too fashion-forward for more conservative settings in my opinion.  But if you don't have too strict a dress code it can be a really fun variation.  Just keep in mind that the shorter crop will make your legs look shorter.  I'm okay with it, but not everyone would be.

These shoes are so comfortable!  Since I'm teaching two 3-hour classes in a single day now, I am relying more on my most comfortable shoes.  But I have to say - these shoes are also looking a bit beaten up!  I should probably get rid of them, but I just haven't been able to find another pair that's as comfortable.  In the meantime, I polish them up as best I can, and just hope that the wear and tear doesn't show too much.

(Suit: J-crew factory, blouse: Express portofino slim fit (they have a regular fit and a slim fit), shoes: Bandolino, Belt... I can't remember - totally has to be replaced too!)

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