Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Bcbg darron pump

This outfit is fun and flowy - a different silhouette than I normally go for.  But it seems like a more polished version of flowy rather than bohemian, so it works for me.  I'm also wanting to wear more fall styles because all of the stores and catalogs are filled with fall clothes.  But it is definitely still summer weather here.  So this outfit works well. 

I wore my BCBG Darron rockstud-style shoes again, and I love them.  They are not my most comfortable heels, but I can wear them for a full day of work including dropping off and picking up the kids.  I can even wear them for teaching a 3 hour class.  So they are certainly not bad at all. 

When they first appeared at DSW 6-9 months ago they sold out almost immediately.  I had to stalk the website waiting for a return of my size.  But apparently they were so popular that BCBG decided to make them on an ongoing basis, and expand the selection of colors and patterns.  At less than $70 these have been more than worth it.

And, for L who is thinking about buying herself a pair :), here are a few of the outfits I've worn with these shoes over the last half year:

I tend to wear them with long wide-leg pants to the office because I felt uncomfortable showing my heels in class or at meetings.  But on Sabbatical, I'm fine with it, so I went a little bolder today. :)  And on off-hours...  These shoes look great with a dress or with jeans!  SO, that's a little overview of the BCBG Darron rockstud-style pump.  :)

(Today's outfit: Top and necklace: White house black market, Pants and sweater: Express, Shoes: BCBG Darron pump from DSW)


  1. Oh, and apparently they made a lower-heel version too! :)

  2. And: http://www.dsw.com/shoe/bcbgeneration+niro+pump?prodId=330053&productRef=SEARCH

  3. wait, are you on sabbatical? What does that mean, exactly?

    1. Yes, I am on sabbatical. I'll send you an email. :)